Create a safe and stylish sanctuary for your littles with Toddlekind's Prettier Puzzle Playmats – the perfect baby play mat that combines style and safety.
Made from technologically advanced biodegradable foam, this playmat provides a plush and cushioned surface for your children. With its expandable tiles and borders, it blends seamlessly into your home's decor.
Step up your floor game with a Prettier Playmat designed for babies, toddlers and beyond. Soft storm is a light classic grey. With cool undertones, this inspired colour is simply timeless.
  • Each standard set contains 6 x tiles + borders- buy multiple sets to expand your space   
  • 24" x  24" per tile   
  • Thickness: 0.47" – soft and cushioned to protect from falls and bumps.  
  • Made with the highest quality EVA foam
Note: Due to the nature of the printed film, there can be subtle differences in color between batches.