Tikk Tokk Advanced Nanny Panel 12 Panel Plastic Baby Playpen is Australian designed playpen with gate and activity panel.

The gate has a double lock safety mechanism and locks simultaneously at both the top and bottom.

The activity panel was designed to provide maximum sound, motion/moto as well as visual stimulation.

The significant music toy incorporates 57 sounds from 4 modes, changeable when baby touches the mode button.

Mode changes are confirmed with a clear `'tic-toc'' feedback sound.

The ten-key keyboard then changes between various keyboard modes with real do-re-me keys that include piano, two synthesized modes as well a 1-to-10 count.

The four modes, on the four sound buttons, produce animal, vehicle and two ranges of percussion sounds.

An on/off button, not accessible by Baby, exists on the outside of the playpen.