Happy Hopperz Triceratops take the art of BOUNCING to a whole new level.

With grippable horns and 4 steady feet to balance on, the wonderful HappyHopperz come in a variety of different styles and colours that will give 'Old Macdonald' a run for their money!


  • Helps Children develop Co-ordination and Balance.
  • Proven to Strengthen Core Muscles and promotes Spacial Awareness.
  • Big Grippable Horns angled back for easy reach
  • 4 wide steady feet give children stability and enable them to play safely.
  • Thinner Bodied range for toddlers with shorter legs
  • Ideal Therapeutic Aids - used by Occupational and Physio Therapsists nationwide.
  • Ideal for both indoor or outdoor play.
  • Easy to clean, heavy duty, phthalate free PVC.
  • Pump supplied FREE
  • Age rated 12mths+
  • One Way inflation valve making sure  NO SMALL PARTS PRESENT