6 Best Travel Cots of 2022

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By Baby Village on 16 September 2021

While Travel Cots are great for holidays, their uses start much closer to home. If you've got a new Bub and you enjoy the outdoors, it's perfect for picnics or just spending time in the backyard. They're perfect for overnights with your parents, or even a secondary sleep setup in your own home, think day-naps or homes over split levels. Travel Cots are the perfect solution and one of the most essential items you need on your packing list. 

Our Top 6 Travel Cots for 2022

  1. Bugaboo Stardust - the pop up portacot!

  2. BabyBjorn Easy Go Travel Cot - the popular easy-go must have!

  3. Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot - the most versatile travel cot!

  4. Phil & Teds Traveller - the lightest in the market! 

  5. ergoPouch Portable Bassinet - the best for newborn!

  6. Koo-Di Pop Up Bassinet - the best value bassinet!

Before we jump into the fantastic details of these Travel Cots, it’s important you know what you are looking for so we have come up with a list of must haves to help you figure what Travel Cot is best for you & why. 


What are the Factors I need to consider when choosing a travel cot for my baby?

Is it easy to assemble & is it stable?

Next factor to consider is how easy the cot’s assembly is. A cot that’s easy to assemble and disassemble is the most ideal when travelling, whether you’re staying in one place or going to different destinations. Especially if you arrive there late at night and your baby is already off to dreamland, you would want to have the cot set up in a snap. Once that cot is up; you have to consider its stability. You will have to get a cot that can withstand a baby that moves around a lot to avoid late night disasters. 

What is the weight?

Next is the cot’s weight. A travel cot to be used on holiday vacations and trips need to be lightweight, so it’s a breeze for you to carry around. On the other hand, if you’re the type who loves spending time with relatives and wants their child to bond with their grandparents, then a heavier one would suffice since you’ll probably leave the cot at your parents’ house. 

It is also advisable to consider where you are going to be storing your travel cot. Although all Travel Cots fold quite compactly if you need to squeeze it into overhead storage on a plane in comparison to the relatively large boot of your car this might be another consideration at the time of purchase.

Is the Travel Cot the right size for me? 

It’s also important to consider the size of the cot and what mode of transportation you are taking on your next adventure. If you’re travelling by plane, there are some cots that can be folded compactly and can fit in the overhead bins. There are others that do not fold as small as those types, but still do not take up a lot of storage. 

What is the age limit? 

It’s important to first consider who will be using the cot. Whether it is an infant or a toddler will impact your choice in Travel Cots as some cots are suitable from birth and others not. Some also have inbuilt bassinet functionality to assist with newborns allowing you to use from birth all the way to toddler years in one. 

What is the cost? 

And lastly is the cost. If you think you’ll be using a travel cot often, then it might be worth getting one at a higher cost because the money you spend will be well worth it. While most hotels do have portable cots available, they often charge for it. So, for families who love going on vacations, consider the cost of renting a cot and getting one of your own. However if you want it for ease of use around the house or for sitting outdoors with Bub then a cheaper option may be the better choice for you & your little one. 

What complementary accessories can I purchase?

Some Travel Cots have extra accessories that you can purchase to increase your babies’ comfort while sleeping, or out & about. Some have matching fitted sheets while others have sun covers or travel bags & more. If you are looking for a Travel Cot that has it all then this is another important consideration in your shopping journey. 

Top Travel Cots for 2022 


Bugaboo Stardust

The Bugaboo Stardust is the newest Travel Cot to hit the market and it is a phenomenal addition. Taking only one second to unfold and three seconds to fold, the Bugaboo Stardust has been designed to offer you a quick and straightforward way to travel with your baby. Not only is it easy to fold but you can do it with the mattress in it!
The mattress has enough padding for your little one to sleep comfortably but is firm enough for regular use at home making it perfect for keeping Bub close by during your morning workout or keeping them safe during outdoor family bonding. The all-around mesh panels will ensure optimal airflow, always providing a safe and peaceful sleep.

Weight: 7kgs
Age Capacity: Newborn - Two Years

Bugaboo Stardust

BabyBjorn Travel Cot 

The BabyBjorn Travel Cot is one of the most popular travel cots on the market and makes parents' lives much easier when travelling with their little one. With a practical assembly that involves just a single movement and it’s lightweight frame, the BabyBj√∂rn Travel Cot Easy Go combines the efficiency and function parents need when travelling with babies and small children. The easy-to-grip handles allowing parents to easily move it around and even check in at airports makes it an easy purchase choice for first time travel with Bub. 

Weight: 6kgs (including carry bag)
Age Capacity: From newborn to approximately three years, or until your child can climb out of the travel cot. 

BabyBjorn Easy Go Travel Cot in Black

Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot

The Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot is one of the most versatile travel Cots on the market and is perfect for parents who not only need a travel cot to jet set off on a holiday but also for an easy way to keep Baby close & safe for activities or naps at home. It also provides two levels when it comes to your Bub’s ultimate comfort when sleeping & growing up. An intermediate level has been provided for babies up to 2 months so you don't have to stretch too far to pick up your baby. When children can sit up straight the time has come to make the switch to the lowest level! 

Weight: < 5kgs
Age Capacity: Intermediate Level (Newborn - Two months), Ground Level (suitable for use until your little one is old enough to climb out of bed on his/her own)

Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot ~ perfect for a party!

Phil & Teds Traveller 

Weighing in at 2.8kg the Phil & Teds Traveller is one of the lightest travel cots on the market and is a fantastic option for parents looking for the most comfortable experience when travelling. This means no more lugging around a heavy travel cot for parents and no need to worry about oversized baggage at check in ~ it’s a dream for first time parents! The Traveller is also adaptable for indoors & outdoors, with an additional mesh top for shade. It is versatile and light while still maintaining the strength and breathability of other Travel Cots on the market.

Weight: 2.8kg
Age Capacity: Newborn to Three years old.
Traveller Cot V4
Traveller V4 + Slim Shady UV Sun Mesh

Ergopouch Portable Bassinet 

Finding a versatile sleep option for your newborn that isn’t a heavy cot or bassinet can be challenging but ergoPouch has created a fantastic option for new parents who are looking for a lightweight and more portable sleep option for their little one. Perfect for naps around the house, on the go or overnight (either at home or away from home) it’s great for bedtime with baby. It is also a fantastic portable option when out & about for tummy time, play or simply gazing up at the trees while you get your workout in or read a book. 

Weight: 2.2kgs
Age Capacity: Newborn babies who are not yet rolling / up to 9kgs

ergoPouch Portable Bassinet

Koo-Di Pop Up Bassinet 

If you’re conscious of cost but still want all the benefits of portable and easy sleep when away with Bub then the Koo-Di Pop Up Bassinet is a fantastic option for your newborn. It is ideal for holidays or weekends away, as well as for use at home or in the garden too. 

Weight: < 1kg 
Age Capacity: Newborn - Six Months

Koo-di Pop Up Bassinet
Koo-di Storage Bag

There are lots of fantastic benefits to purchasing a travel cot for all the adventures your little family are going to go on as well as the added bonus that in bringing your own, you’re assuring yourself that you’re placing your baby in a clean and safe cot. It’s also a great idea to ‘warm up’ your baby to the porta-cot prior to travel so that they become accustomed to it before you travel with them. This could be setting it up in their usual room, using it first for a day nap at home and then one or two nights. This will make your baby less fussy, unlike if they were in unfamiliar surroundings, and will allow them to rest peacefully. 

If you've got any questions leave us a comment below or email questions@babyvillage.com.au. BVx

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