5 Tips to Prepare for Childbirth

Preparing for Childbirth


When you’re eagerly waiting for Bub’s arrival, this often comes paired with a couple of nerves and a few moments of what the hell am I doing??! It can be seriously stressful as a new parent when navigating all of this new terrain and sometimes your brain just goes ga-ga-goo-goo before Bub’s even arrived.

But don’t worry, the village is here to help with 5 Tips on Preparing for the Big Day:

Birth Class

1. Join a Class

There are so many options out there to help you prepare for the physicalities of childbirth. And we know how daunting it can be learning about what your body is going to go through, but it’s also beautiful and exciting! So we encourage Mamas to learn about the process as it will help you feel empowered and confident when it comes to the big day. Classes also are highly in demand, often fill up fast and can run for quite a few weeks, so we recommend enrolling as early as possible.

Antenatal classes (prenatal classes or birth and parenting classes) can range from a focus towards pregnancy yoga to active birth techniques, all with the same aim of preparing you for a positive childbirth experience.

Here at Baby Village, we love The Parents Village; a leading Sydney based prenatal and postnatal support service offering face to face, mobile and online programs and support to new and expecting parents. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions some classes may not be available / you might be feeling a bit nervous about joining face-to-face which is why joining an online community can be such a great option for all soon to be / new parents.

Join The Parents Village online here.

Hospital Bag

2. Pack your Hospital Bag with all the Right Essentials!

Whether you have a tendency to pack a little more than you might need, or are a minimalist traveller, it can be a little tricky to figure out the perfect mix of right or wrong for your hospital bag. As a new Mama, you may think you need to bring the house and more! And don’t worry, we totally get it, but the Village is here to help you pack to perfection.

Essentials for Mum

Essentials for Mum

  1. Button Up Pyjamas
  2. Dressing Gown
  3. Disposable Undies - we suggest this fantastic option from New Beginnings.
  4. Reusable Breast Pads - we highly recommend the Medela Washing Bra Pads.
  5. Heating/Cooling Gel Pads - we love the BodyICE collection.
  6. Maternity Pads - we recommend the pads from New Beginnings
  7. Loose Clothing
Essentials for Baby

Essentials for Baby

  1. Nappies & wipes - we love these toweling nappy options here, and we have a wide variety of wipes to choose from here.
  2. Swaddles, Singlets & Onesies – enough for 5 days. See our swaddle and wrap range here. 
  3. Cellular blanket - we love this fantastic option from Living Textiles.
  4. Going home outfit – for that all important photo! We love the range from Wilson and Frenchy - so adorable!
Essentials for Partner

Essentials for Partner

  1. Your birth plan as previously discussed with your partner
  2. Your state-issued ID and insurance card
  3. Toiletries such as a toothbrush (or two), toothpaste, and mama’s essentials like face cleanser and shampoo/conditioner (just in case she forgets in the heat of the moment!) - we love the Hermosa Range.

Birth Plan

3. Think about your Birth Plan!

When it comes to your Birth Plan, it is often a little overwhelming. Advice might be flying left, right and centre from your own Mum, your Mum’s mum, your partner’s Mum, their Mum, even your work colleague … the list goes on! As much as their advice is definitely worth listening to, it is important to also figure out what will suit you.

Some things to think about when writing your birth plan may be the following:

  • Where do you want to have your baby? This could be at home, in a water bath, in a hospital etc.

  • Who do you want with you in labour and do you want them there the whole time? Having a birth companion such as a partner, another family member or a friend is crucial to create an environment of support during an often unknown time. However there may be certain stages of your birthing journey that you would prefer some people not be involved in, so it’s a great idea to plan ahead to avoid any conflict on the day.

  • What does your ideal birth environment look like? Whether it’s in low lighting, with music playing, or meditation designing your ideal birthing experience is a great start.

  • What birthing aids are you going to want in labour? — for example a beanbag, squatting bar or birth stool?

  • Do you want pain relief — if so, what kind? Are there any types of pain relief you want to avoid?

  • What is your emergency birth plan? If you’re enduring a slow labour do you want your caregiver to speed it up / if you need a caesarean do you know if you want to stay awake or have your partner in the room?

However, as much as planning is a crucial part of the birthing experience, it is also important to remember that often things don’t go as planned. Your gorgeous little bub may have their own plans when it comes making their way into the world to meet you - and that’s okay too!

Relax during Pregnancy

4. Practice Relaxation Techniques

“Breathe, breathe, breathe!” we’ve all heard it before, but putting it into action can seem like an impossible task when you’re helping a tiny human make their way into the world.

It is important that on the day you are fully prepared with all the right techniques that are perfect for YOU to feel calm and in control. A lot of people turn to meditation as a relaxation tactic, but if that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry there are multiple other ways to find your zen. You could bring CD’s, Videos, Music, have your Birthing Coach at your Bedside, indulge in therapeutic massage (we suggest Hermosa Co Baby Massage Bath Oil), burn a few candles (we love these Sentimento candles) -- the world is your oyster when it comes to your preparation for the big day!

Feel Empowered

5. Prepare your Mind & feel Empowered!

Your birth guru might be preaching all the right things, channel positivity, smile and feeeel the joys of giving birth, but that’s certainly easier said than done!

It can be hard to stay positive when all you seem to be able to remember are the horror stories, but don’t let yourself get caught up in the unknown. As humans we often focus on the negative but there are always more positives and no two birth stories are ever the same! It can be really useful to seek out all the positive birth stories you can find - “I sneezed and my baby popped out!” - because these are great ways to keep you feeling happy and excited for your own birthing experience!

Our staff who are all mother's themselves have also highly recommended the below books that are perfect for inspiring and great for giving advice for all Mamas to be!

  1. Baby Love by Robin Barker - this book comes highly recommended by our Village Mother's as being the perfect guide to absolutely everything Baby written in the best way for new Mama brain to understand as well as thoroughly enjoy reading. Also well loved by mother's all over Australia, is it your new bible? We think yes.
  2. Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall - the best read for all new Mums struggling with sleep after the arrival of their new Bub.
  3. What to Expect when your Expecting by Heidi Murkoff - another well reknowned go-to manual for parents-to-be around the world.

If you find you still have unanswered questions, we highly recommend reading through our list of helpful resources and parenting advice from trusted experts here.

Lots of love, BVx

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Written by: Jess Pongrass
As the Face of Baby Village Jess is passionate about bringing the best options to parents & bubs to make life easy, fun & safe! Jess’s mantra as a Mum is try everything and see what sticks!