How to Swaddle a Newborn (Video + Step by Step)

How to Swaddle a Baby

Why is Swaddling your Baby Important?

Every Mama’s dream is a peacefully sleeping Bub, and that’s why mastering the art of Swaddling is crucial in both Mum and Bub's sleep cycle. Swaddling will help to contain houdini arms which can trigger your little ones startle reflex and potentially cause them to wake up.

Not only this, but it keeps Bub feeling safe, secure and warm after leaving the womb - it certainly can’t be easy for your little one leaving the only home they’ve ever known! By keeping your Bub snuggled up in a swaddle it’s as if they’re spending the whole night bundled up in their parents warm arms aiding their neuromuscular development, their happiness and your own.

5 Steps for Swaddling your Baby

Watch our 5 step Video for Safe Swaddling

Read our Top 5 Tips for Swaddling your Baby

  1. Place wrap on a flat surface in a square shape and fold the top down (about 1/8)
  2. Place baby in the centre with the back of the neck aligned with top of the wrap
  3. Wrap right to left, raising the left arm, and tucking under the body
  4. Wrap left to right, over left arm and tucking under body (Wrap across body should be firm but not tight)
  5. Bring loose ends up over legs, leaving room to move, and tuck under body.

We have a wide variety of swaddle wraps here at Baby Village, from Aden & Anais to Living Textiles and more!

However with so much to do as a new parent, you may still be finding it hard to both pick the right swaddle for your Bub and get your swaddling to perfection but don’t worry, our friendly staff are Mums too and are always here to help. Drop in, give us a call or leave us a comment below for further advice on how to keep your Bub feeling cosy and safely swaddled, and remember … practice makes perfect.