The only décor mobile in the market that offers such a wide variety of electronic features and controls.
Including adorable plush dolls to fall in love and vintage-looking embroidery, this mobile will engage baby when awake and transform bedtime into a truly magical experience.
Enjoy a wide variety of electronic features: rotation, 17 melodies, a unique shushing sound that works like magic (!), white noise, volume control, timer and night-time LED light.
  • Beautiful embroidery and soft mobile arm cover
  • Unique shushing sound supports emotional development
  • Engages baby when they're awake
  • Musical selection stimulates your baby's senses
  • Auto-off timer, rotation, volume control + LED light
  • 17 melodies that play up to 30 minutes of continuous music
  • Simply staring up at the beautiful mobile supports language development
  • Includes adorable plush dolls to fall in love with + vintage-looking embroidery
  • The only musical mobile that combines developmental value with a detailed décor design