Activities like mealtimes become more relaxed & fun when everyone in the family can join in. And the Stokke Nomi Chair Ultimate Bundle allows you to do exactly that. 
The Stokke Nomi Chair can be used from birth for life. With seamless, tool-free adjustment, the Stokke Nomi Chair offers a playful visual design and a comfortable seat at every age. ​
The Stokke Nomi Newborn Set is designed to provide your baby with a soft and cosy spot at the center of the family. The raised height is ideal for "talking", playing and maintaining contact with your baby.
Hang your little one's favourite baby toys on the Stokke Nomi Play toy bar which easily clicks onto the Stokke Nomi Newborn Set. This will entertain and encourage your baby to use their fine motor skills as well as fuel their development. ​ 
Switching to the Stokke Nomi Baby Set gives your baby comfort and support as they're learning to sit while still allowing them freedom of movement. 
Versatile and functional, Stokke Nomi Cushions add both softness and personality. Best of all, they are compatible with all Stokke Nomi chairs with or without the Stokke Nomi Baby Set.


  • Your child can comfortably sit at the dining table and enjoy mealtimes with the rest of the family
  • Stable footrest that supports your child and provides comfort
  • Because of its light weight it's easy to use throughout your home or hang on your table edge for clean-up after meals
  • Tool-free adjustability, ensures that the depth is automatically aligned when adjusting the height of the seat and footrest
  • The unique stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the highchair
  • Solid construction and European oak / beech, oak or walnut wood, can hold up to an 150kg/330lbs adult
  • Features anti-tilt wheels
  • From birth - for life
  • Winner of the Product safety Silver Award 2019 by the European Commission
Newborn Set
  • Enables the Stokke Nomi Chair to be used from birth
  • Includes 5-point safety harness & a reversible, washable textile set
  • Seamlessly adjusted between almost horizontal and more upright positions​
  • The Newborn Set should be used in the horizontal position for the first 8-10 weeks after baby is born.
  • When your baby has grown a little stronger, you can begin to use a more upright position. This will provide even better connection at the family table.​​
  • Can be used from birth until your child can sit up unaided.​​
  • Please note that several short periods in the Stokke Nomi Newborn Set are better for your baby than one extended period.
  • Fits all Stokke Nomi chairs
Baby Set
  • Suitable from when your child is able to sit unaided (approx. 6 months)
  • Provides exceptional side and back support for your baby while they're learning to sit
  • Easily attaches onto the chair – simply clicks on
  • Free from harmful substances & made of recyclable plastic
  • Fits all Stokke Nomi chairs
  • Food grade plastic that is entirely free from harmful substances​
  • Dishwasher safe at max. 40 degrees​
  • Easily mounts onto the Stokke Nomi Baby Set
  • Includes loops to hang up to 3 toys
  • Easy attach and detach
  • Suitable from birth
  • To be used on the Stokke Nomi Newborn Set
  • Adds an extra dose of magic to your everyday life at home
  • Compatible with all Stokke Nomi chairs with or without the Stokke Nomi Baby Set
  • Adds softness and comfort
  • Safe, OCS Organic 100 Cotton Content Standard and 100% recycled polyester filling