Because this playset involves shapes, colours, sorting and counting, it can be paired with a variety of other educational activities at home and in the classroom!

Encourage little ones to develop their ability to count differentiate between various shapes and colours and utilise their fine motor skills to properly sort the wooden pieces.

Learn to differentiate between shapes and colors by recognising which shape belongs where in the wooden puzzle box. Children will develop cognitively as they use problem solving and the trial-and-error process to sort the shapes successfully. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also developed with play. 

Crafted using sustainable rubberwood and stained with non-toxic water-based dyes, the Shape & Sort It Out playset is free from harmful chemicals and sharp edges so children are optimally safe during free play.

The set includes 3 coloured wooden shapes and a puzzle box punctured for shape placement. Suitable for children 12 months and older.