Because sustainable is naturally better. That‘s why the NUK for Nature soother is made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance approach)*. The soft teat is made of sustainable silicone, while all the other parts are made of sustainable plastic*.
All NUK for Nature products are packaged in 100% FSC-certified paper, which can simply be put in the recycle paper bin. And to make the carbon footprint even smaller, everything from raw materials to manufacturing with green electricity is optimised to be climate-friendly.
The original NUK shape is also inspired by nature: round at the top and flat underneath. With its particularly soft zone, the NUK for Nature soother nestles against the palate, while at the same time leaving room for the tongue’s natural sucking movements. It‘s no surprise then that it soothes 99% of babies**. It is also particularly breastfeeding-friendly and reduces pressure on the jaws and teeth.** For healthy oral development.**
For these and many other reasons, the NUK for Nature soother is the recommendation of medical experts** - and the favourite of climateconscious parents.
The NUK for Nature soother. Soothes sustainably.
*These materials are linked to 100% natural raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS (plastic) and REDcert2 (silicone).
  • 2 silicone pacifiers suitable for babies 6-18 months
  • Made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance approach)*
  • From raw materials to manufacturing with green electricity, climate-friendly for real mini carbon footprints
  • Original NUK shape – inspired by nature, extra-soft and flexible: for natural sucking movements, particularly breastfeeding-friendly**
  • Soothes 99% of babies**, recommended by medical experts**
  • BPA-free, 2 per pack, packaged in 100% paper – FSC-certified and can be put in the paper recycle bin