Around 10 percent of the plastic waste in the oceans comes from fishing. Every year an estimated 640,000 tonnes of nets and other equipment are left in the waters. Part of this waste, which is collected in landfills and then recycled, is used to make the sustainable Micro kids scooters. 
The footplate and brake of the Mini Micro Deluxe ECO are made from recycled fishing gear, ropes and other plastic waste of the maritime industry. 
Furthermore, the product has the same features as the popular Mini Micro Deluxe: the patented steering system by shifting weight promotes balance and motor skills, the handlebar can be optimally adjusted to the size of the child and the non-slip silicone footplate ensures support and safety on the scooter.
  • Height-adjustable Bar - With the Mini Deluxe, the height of the bar is easy adjustable.This guarantees a comfortable driving position for everyone.
  • Non-Toxid Handgrips - The handgrips consist exclusively of non-toxid components.
  • Patented Weight Transfer Steering - Patented lean-and-steer Kickboard mechanism. Encourages balance and motorskills.
  • Recycled Deck - The deck is made from recycled fishig nets and other plastic waste. On top of the deck there is an added pattern for more grip.
  • Recycled Brake - The Brake is made from recycled fishing nets and other plastic waste.