Soft, Colourful, Crinkly Bliss with the Baby Soft Book!
A plush, sensory-rich experience for your little one's early development. Crafted from the softest cloth, this tactile baby book features crinkly pages that stimulate sensory play, fostering fine motor skills and auditory senses.
In the Jellystone Welcome To Sydney soft book, you can explore all the amazing sights of Sydney with Captain Cockatoo including Bondi Beach, the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and Sydney Tower. 
Whether you're snuggled up for a cosy reading session or on the move, easily strap it to your pram or car seat for on-the-go entertainment. The perfect gift to send overseas, its vibrant colours and interactive design make it a cherished and lightweight present that transcends borders, offering joy and early learning to little ones around the world.
  • Crafted from soft cloth
  • Crinkly, tactile pages
  • Explore the cities of Sydney 
  • Perfect Australian-themed gift