Happy Hopperz are gorgeous, inflatable animals that take bouncing to a whole new level!

Created with ears and horns for children to grip on to and feet to steady the bounce, these wonderful hopping animals provide a great aerobic workout for toddlers and pre-schoolers whilst also strengthening their core muscles, increasing balance control and developing co-ordination skills.

Best of all, as HappyHopperz inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds and fold down compactly, once a child gets attached to them it's no a problem as they can go everywhere with a family; from grandparents house, to the park or beach holiday.

Thanks to their colourful, adorable looks and immediately rewarding ride it really is a case of love at first sight when children first see HappyHopperz.

HappyHopperz brilliantly simple design means there is no fiddly functionality to go wrong and no components or batteries to regularly replace, whilst the toys bright wipe-clean surface ensures it will stay as funky and fresh looking as the day it was bought whether its bounced through sand, mud, grass or puddles.


  • A THINNER BODY so little ones can firmly place their feet on the ground.
  • The HEAD has been repositioned to bring it back towards the child INCREASING the STABILTY of the design.
  • The EARS/HORNS have been EXTENDED.
  • TEETHING BOBBLES have been added to make the WORLD'S LARGEST TEETHER!
  • Perfect for those little ones that are just starting to walk , building up core strength and leg muscles.
  • Helps Children develop Co-ordination and Balance.
  • Proven to Strengthen Core Muscles and promotes Spacial Awareness.
  • Grippable ears and 4 wide steady feet give children stability and enable them to play safely.
  • Ideal Therapeutic Aids - used by Occupational and Physio Therapsists nationwide.​
  • Ideal for both indoor or outdoor play.
  • Easy to clean, heavy duty, phthalate free PVC.

Suitable for ages 12 months - 30 months
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use