The Raffi stacking tower has four rings that your little one can stack to build the body of the giraffe. Let your child enjoy the many sensory surfaces, stimulating features and many hours of play with the Deer friend Raffi.
The rings are made in different sizes - some of them with small tags, textile and grooves. The stacker also has a tilt function and a short tail to be pulled - both designed to stimulate the senses of your child through play.
Raffi stacking tower is designed in a colourful mix. The wooden toy is made from responsibly sourced wood and painted with water-based paints that are free from harmful subtances - making it safe for your child to use.
  • Raffi stacking tower has may colourful tones
  • Stimulates the senses of your child
  • Many sensory surfaces
  • Soft rubber ring, textile ring with crinkling sound and colourful tags
  • Wobbling base
  • Painted with water-based paint that are free from harmful substances
  • Made from responsibly sourced wood