The BabyDan Premier safety gate is a great and safe device to create child friendly areas in your home to keep your little one safe when he or she is on the move.
The safety gate is a pressure fit safety gate, which is perfect if you want to avoid wall cups and to be able to remove the gate in no time. It opens both ways and you can open with one hand, which makes it easy to use. To ensure the gate is mounted properly, you can check the built in safety indicator.
  • Pressure fit safety gate
  • Built in safety indicator shows if safety gate is mounted properly
  • Opens both ways
  • Can be operated with one hand
Please note: To take care of the environment and reduce our consumption of resources, this safety gate comes with parts to fit the opening dimensions listed under specifications. Therefore, we always recommend that you find a safety gate where the width of your door, staircase, or where you want to place the gate fits within the opening dimensions. The gate will not fit openings that are smaller or wider than the specified dimensions.