If you want to child-proof a wide or irregular staircase, doorway, fireplace or area in your home, this BabyDan Flex Large safety gate is the perfect solution.
You can extend the gate with as many sections as you want, which makes it very flexible and easy to adapt to your home and needs. You can use both small and large sections that you buy separately.
The safety gate is easy to pass through because the gate is wide and you can open it with just one hand.
  • Wall-mounted safety gate
  • Can be extended indefinitely with large and small sections. Purchased separately
  • Opens both ways
  • Can be operated with one hand

CAUTION:When used as a fire surround, always place the gate minimum 75 cm away from the source of heat/fire and minimum 90 cm from open fire. Since every fireplace/wood burning stove reaches different temperatures, the placing is only intended as a guide line. Test your own unit at maximum heat output before placing the gate. If the gate is hot to touch, move gate further from heat source than the recommended minimum distance.