Being a new mum means learning how to balance a baby on one hip and time on the other. You can make bottle preparation significantly easier with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser.
The machine automatically mixes, heats, and dispenses powder formula instantly at the push of a button. This advanced model mixes baby formula and water to the perfect consistency and temperature if used properly. The formula maker offers airtight formula storage and a customisable mixing system with 3 temperature settings to make bottles from 60-300ml. It’s all digital and easy to use and can even dispense water only.
The Formula Pro Advanced Baby Powder Formula Dispenser, the appliance many moms call the Baby Keurig or Baby Nespresso, works with all formula brands and bottle types. It’s quick to set up and simple to clean. Parents call it a lifesaver.
  • Automatically makes a warm, formula bottle instantly
  • Patented mixing technology mixes formula & water to the perfect consistency*, matching the formula to water ratio listed on each package of formula.   
  • Fully customisable (3 temperature settings, 30ml dispensing between 60-300ml, even water only)
  • Works with virtually all formula brands available in Australia/New Zealand & all bottle types
  • More hygienic than hand scooping since formula is dispensed from an airtight powder container
  • 1 year limited warranty; BPA-FREE