Top Nursery Trends of 2024

Creating a nursery in 2024 is about more than just aesthetics; it's about crafting a nurturing and stimulating environment for the newest member of the family. With these trends, parents can design a space that not only looks beautiful but also resonates with their values and hopes for their child's future.

We have pulled together our favourite nursery items to fit these gorgeous nursery themes for 2024 and to make shopping by taste even easier for new parents.

1. Eco-Friendly meets Elegance

As we move into 2024, sustainability is influencing all aspects of our lifestyles. When we look at modern nursery design, parents will be opting for organic materials and furniture made from sustainable resources. Cots and other nursery furniture created from reclaimed wood, sustainable forests, bamboo fibre bedding, and natural rubber toys; are choices that speak to a global consciousness.

Featured brand Tasman Eco believes in a sustainable future,using renewable plantation timber and a focus on quality ensures their furniture pieces will be around for the next generation.

Tasman Eco Willow Cot & Dresser

Tasman Eco Willow Cot & Dresser

Babyletto Toco Swivel Glider & Ottoman

This stunning black & white boucle nursing chair is the perfect addition to your maximilist nursery for Bub. It is bold, trendy & comfortable for you & your little one. Beachy chic cradle option for your nursery. Not only is it perfect for a bold statement, it's also a more sustainable choice, upholstered by hand in eco-performance fabric, that is stain resistant, water repellent, and made with at least 30% recycled fibers.

Babyletto Toco Glider & Ottoman

2. Smart(er) Nurseries

As the rest of our homes continue to integrate technology, so too do nurseries. Consistent innovation in monitoring brings parents a greater sense of safety and security. With baby monitors and cameras that track sleep patterns and bodily movements, in a similar way to the Apple watch, the benefit of these connected technologies allow parents to regulate room temperature, respond better to babies needs, and provide a baseline for medical interventions. Smart lighting that mimics natural circadian rhythms is also popular.

Featured brand Glow Dreaming offers a range of technologies to provide both parents and baby’s with a better night's sleep. Brands like Owlet & Nanit continue to innovate in the on-body monitoring space.

Glow Dreaming Smart Sleep Sensor

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Floor Stand V2

3. Multi-functional Pieces

As our families grow, many of us find ourselves in smaller living spaces, requiring adaptable furniture pieces. When it comes to nurseries, look for convertible cots that will go from newborn to toddler-beds; changing tables that convert into tables & chairs, and dressers with clever compartment design for better storage.

Classic furniture brand Leander has always had great Danish design at its core, with the Classic Cot transforming from a newborn haven to a junior bed for up to 7-years old. Australian-based Cocoon furniture believes nursery furniture should evolve with the child and offers multi-functional contemporary and traditional designs to suit all budgets.

Leander Classic Cot

4. Vintage Vibes

A vintage-inspired nursery is making a resurgence in 2024 with a modern twist, rattan and darker woods meet digital art displays, while hand-knitted throws in reimagined contemporary colour palettes sit comfortably alongside sleek and stylish bassinets and rocking chairs. Babyrest cot designs embody a chic nod to the vintage vibe in 2024.

Babyrest Kaya Cot + Dresser

5. Mindful & Minimalist

Embracing mindfulness in nursery design takes the minimalist concept of “clutter is out; curation is in”, where every piece of furniture and decor alike is chosen with intention. Creating a safe haven, featuring soft textures, muted tones and curved edges provides a peaceful space for unwinding anytime.

Stokke Sleepi Mini V3 + Mattress

6. Gender Neutral

Following the peak of gender-reveal celebrations, a shift towards gender-neutral nurseries is on the cards for parents in 2024. With Pantone announcing “Peach Fuzz” PANTONE 13-1023 as the colour of 2024 is a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration. We can expect to see this shine through in soft furnishings and key decor items as the year progresses.

Done by Deer Activity Play Mat Lalee Sand

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Written by: Marsha
As the Mother of twins, Marsha knows the importance of sleep, both for carers & bubs. With a passion for all things baby, Marsha will guide you through whatever parenting challenge lies ahead!