Sleep Rumbler

Sleep Rumbler Infant Settler

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Using Rhythemic Movement to Settle Infants Naturally


Sleep Rumbler is a portable mat that produces a soothing motion for settling babies. Used with a pram rolling across the ridges of the mat, it replicates the familiar, bumping sensations a baby came to love during pregnancy, from Mum’s movements and from the rhythmic beat of Mum’s heart patting on baby's bottom and back.

 Settling Infants and Toddlers

General infant settling for all babies. Settling babies who cry a lot- reducing discomfort and crying time. Assistance for infants with Reflux and Colic. Helping babies take longer daytime sleeps. Comfortably stretching out infant feeds. Settling when out and about. Great for grandparents & other carers. Giving Mum a chance to have a hot cuppa!



Amazing, for a girl who does not sleep! In a public place, with 25 adults and 11 kids there she was asleep in minutes, with little fight. I think I have just found my sanity, my sleep and my mental health’.

            Sammi with 4 month old Savannah


Sleep Rumbler has been a life & sanity saver!’

            Melissa with 6month old Alex (reflux) and 3 year old Jack


I was skeptical at first as my 5 month old has reflux and I tried

everything. It has been a God send!’

            Loretta with her 5 month old


‘Love my little portable peace maker (sleep rumbler)’

            Elisha with 3 month old Tali (reflux & colic


Testimonials from Parents



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