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Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer / Blender

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The Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit will steam, cook and blend your food as well as sterilising your bottles and accessories. With an LCD screen the Natriblend gives you maximum control over how you prepare your baby’s food, and all in one place without having to use any separate appliances.

It’s an easy to use steamer blender unit with a digital LCD screen so you always know how long it will take to steam, blend, sterilise or warm and includes the flexibility to adjust the time depending on your needs. The Natriblend frees up space in your kitchen by merging all your essential appliances in to one place without compromising on any of the features, and all components are BPA (bisphenol-A) free.

Steam & cook

With the Natriblend you can cook your baby’s food in the healthiest way possible, preserving all the natural vitamins and nutrients. The steamer will cook anything, including meat, fish, pulses and veggies. The ultra fast Natriblend will steam food in as little as 10 minutes, and the alarm will let you know when it is ready so you don’t need to constantly check on the food being cooked.


The powerful blender will puree steamed fruit, vegetables in seconds, and the blades are sharp enough to blend foods such as meat. There is no need to move or wash the unit, simply empty your steamed or cooked food in to the blending unit, flick the switch and you will have a consistent puree in seconds.


The Natriblend is also a steriliser, with the chamber able to sterilise small items including bottles, pacifiers etc.


You can also warm you bottles, food pouches and containers through the power of steam produced in the Natriblend unit.

All food preparation components are BPA Free, and with a safety feature OFF feature in blending mode as well as an automatic overheating cut off, it’s the safest option for your family and baby meal prep needs.

This unit forms part of the innovative Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeding System


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Beah Pamu
This is a great innovation by Cherub Baby, I have been following the brand ever since I gave birth to my first baby. I bought this product here in this website. I love that it doesn't only work as a baby food maker/processor but also I can also sterilise a few baby bottles and some baby utensils I use on a daily basis. I can also work on a few soups/dips/spreads that'll have with the entire family. It doesn't take much space in my kitchen which is a really good feature as well.
Megan Rowbottom
I once had a few appliances that sterilize baby bottles, warm and cook baby food. The appliances take so much space of the small kitchen counter I have. I never knew that one appliance can do all the work. I have a few bottles of the same brand and while I was browsing for more products and saw this. I immediately bought it and considering the price, I think this a good buy in comparison to buying all the appliances you need. It works perfectly fine, too but best of all it does the job of 3 different applicances in the 1.
This appliance is worth every cent. I've used it to make not just baby food but soup as well! It also can sterilize teats, pacifiers and baby bottles which I found really handy. I thought the price was really good as it was cheaper than Avent and did the same thing but more.
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