Toddler Tints

Toddler Tints

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Toddler Tints are the latest technology in child window shades. Made from a unique two-way vision material that is transparent when driving. They're a removable film that protect children from the sun and reduce heat and glare. Applied to the inside of the window much like a sticker, the tint has a fun and vibrant pattern on the side facing the child but can’t be seen from the outside. Toddler Tints come in 5 designs to choose from.

Toddler Tints' unique features are:

No blind spots - Toddler Tints do not affect driver visibility nor do they block the view ?for the child. A common complaint with other car shades on the market is that that the driver and child can't see out the window.
Universal Fit - Designed to custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of any car window, there are no annoying gaps for the sun to creep in.
Doesn't affect window functionality - Applied to the inside of the window, you can still put the window down.
Long lasting and durable - They can not be pulled off. Nor will they fade, deteriorate, stretch or flap over time. They remain permanent until such time as they are no longer required when a simple process is used for their removal.
Can not be seen from outside - Completely invisible from the outside, those who do not want the look of their car to be impacted appreciate this aspect the most.


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