Fun Activities on a Rainy Day

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By Baby Village on 24 September 2019
I love the rain. There’s a certain scent that comes with it and everything smells fresh to me. I also like the calming sound of rain pattering on the roof. And the rain brings the temperature to just the right degree, added with the smell and the sound, that makes you just want to curl up in bed and fall asleep. But if you have a toddler, sleeping is not an option. 

When toddlers get bored, going out with them when the sun is shining is ideal. You can run your errands and babies learn about the world outside their homes. Plus, you and Bub both get to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a win-win all around.  

But when rain comes, there is no way you can bring your little toddler out without putting both of your health at risk. And having a sick baby is a whole can of worms you do not want to open. 

So, what can you do if it’s raining and you have to stay at home? You can play. 

Yes, that’s right. The toys nowadays are much more advanced, far from the toys we had when we were babies. Now, most if not all the toys in the market feature ways that incorporate learning with playing. 

Baby Village carries a lot of these products from manufacturers such as Melissa & Doug, Plan Toys, Green Toys and more. Let’s take a closer look at these brands and see why a lot of parents choose the toys they create.  

Melissa & Doug is an award-winning manufacturer. At the core of their mission is to ignite the imagination of little ones through playing. The toys they make inspire kids to discover their passion and interests that can lead them to their futures. Products like the Magnetic Pretend Play Joey and Nina allow the children to put different career outfits on the characters whether as a fireman, policeman, ballerina, and so on. These encourage free play and give kids insights on what they want to be when they grow up. The many colouring books and sticker books by Melissa and Doug boost your child’s creativity and artistic talents. Puzzles like the Wooden Sorting Clock and Cube and the Sound Puzzle Pets and Farm Animals teach toddlers the concept of time, different shapes and the sounds animals make. I remember when my niece was three and began going to nursery school, her teachers were very impressed that she knew the names of shapes like hexagon and crescent as well as the corresponding sounds that various animals make. And it was all because we taught her what they were using toys like these that mix playing with learning. 

Plan Toys is another manufacturer that creates products which encourage children to learn while playing. They have done extensive research in the various stages of development that kids go through physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and verbally. Armed with this knowledge, they know exactly the type of toys they’re creating and the developmental teachings they bring. Furthermore, Plan Toys is the first toy company in the world to manufacture wooden toys from preservative-free rubberwood. Not only are they using wood from trees that would have been burnt, therefore eliminating waste, the toys they produce are also free from chemicals, making it completely safe for your babies. Their rattles, stacking toys and play gyms enhance sensory development as well as hand and eye coordination. The blocks, camera, phone and assorted fruits and vegetables sets encourage your child’s imagination with pretend play. The walker and pull toys help develop your child’s motor skills as they enjoy moving about with their toys. 

Like the previous toy companies above, Green Toys is another manufacturer that combine learning with playing. Green Toys lives up to its name where all their toys and packaging are made of recycled materials. The plastics are made from recycled milk jugs and yogurt containers and the boxes are from recycled cardboard, ensuring everything is 100% chemical-free and safe for the little ones to play with. Like the Twist Teether and First Keys, it’s absolutely okay for babies to chew on them because they are made of old food containers that were remolded into these toys. The sorting and stacking toys help with your child’s memory and cognitive development. And the many pretend play toys like the tea set, the seaplane, the truck, the submarine and so on, help with their creativity and imagination as their minds conjure up unlimited play scenes and more. 

You can click on the links below if you want to see the toys I’ve mentioned and maybe get some for your little ones. 

Melissa & Doug:
Plan Toys:
Green Toys:

And as always, we would be very happy to help you if you have inquiries regarding these or any other products in our range. You can also share your thoughts with us and other mums by leaving a comment or sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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