Britax Graphene vs Millenia Car Seat Review

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Car Safety
By Baby Village on 21 October 2019
When it comes to car safety, we're here to help you make the best decision for your baby. In this review we compare Britax Safe-n-Sound's Graphene Convertible Car Seat with the Millenia Convertible Car Seat.

In the convertible car seat range, Britax Safe-n-Sound offers three models: 
Britax Graphene - the slimmest design, perfect for families who require multiple seats across the back or have a compact car with little room behind the front seats.

Britax Millenia - offering comfort, convenience and advanced safety features, this seat is the perfect all-rounder if space is not a factor.

Britax Platinum Pro - packed with additional features this seat is the safest seat if you do a lot of highway or high-speed driving, and have plenty of space in your back seat. (Not included in this review.)

Before we dive into the detail, what is a convertible car seat? A convertible car seat is a child seat that "converts" from rear facing for infants and small toddlers to forward facing for growing babies and toddlers. Britax convertible car seats can accommodate children from birth up to approximately 4 years of age.

Both the Graphene & Millenia offer unique features, but share common Britax technologies including ISOFLEX® Connectors and Thermo5® High Performance Fabric. To make it easier for you to decide which car seat is right for you and your family we’ve created the below table.

  Key Feature Graphene Millenia
  Age Range 0-4 years 0-4 years
  Thermo5 Fabric ✔️ ✔️
  ISOFIX Compatible ✔️ ✔️
  SICT Head   ✔️
  SICT Torso ✔️  
  Active Head Restraint ✔️ ✔️
  Extended Rear-facing  ✔️ ✔️
  Forward-facing Recline Positions 2 4
  Compact (Slim) Design ✔️  
  Compact Installed Depth ✔️  
  Aircraft Compatible ✔️ ✔️
  Product Weight 7.8kg 8.9kg
  Dimensions- Rear Facing (mm) H:375 D:520 W:440 H:600-700 D:600 W:470
  Dimensions- Forward Facing (mm) H:685 D:425 W:440 H:640-810 D:390 W:470

How to Choose:
In general we recommend several key features you should consider during this process:
  • How long will your child be able to use the seat (in rear & forward facing positions)
  • What are the additional safety features of the seat (think air-bags in your car)
  • How easy is the installation of the seat (especially if you need to switch the seat between cars)
In the case of Graphene and Millenia where the answer to these are virtually the same, we look at the unique features that set them apart:

Britax Graphene
  • At 440mm at it's widest point, Graphene has the slimmest design which means if you plan to grow your family and install multiple seats across the back, you can comfortably fit up to three.
  • At an installed depth of 520mm, even in the most compact cars, you should still be able to have clear space behind the seat in front (a requirment of safe installation).
  • Graphene is a honeycomb-like material that is 100 times stronger than steel and can be thinner than paper. It forms the basis for the patented Torso SICT™ design (Side Impact Cushion Technology) minimising the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs, and reducing crash forces for greater protection in a crash.
  • Available with the upgraded and spill resistant NanoTex fabric with the Britax Graphene Tex Car Seat
Britax Millenia
  • Offering dual layer SICT™ Head Protection (Side Impact Cushion Technology), Millenia provides increased protection in a side impact crash.
  • The Flexi Infant Safety Cushion™ includes EVA composite material that provides additional support and protection for a small baby.
  • Four recline positions in the forward-facing seat installation offers your child more comfort as they grow.
  • Additional features include a toy hook, push-button harness adjustor and full-length car seat protector included in the box.
  • Available with the upgraded and spill resistant NanoTex fabric with the Britax Millenia Tex Car Seat

At Baby Village we not only want you to make the right choice of car seat, we can also install it correctly for you, and show you how it's done in case you need to do it yourself. 

For more information on "Choosing the Right Car Seat" check out our blog and video review for more details: 
We hope this review has helped you in your decision-making process, please leave us a comment if you have any questions! BVx

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