Choosing the Best Bassinet | 2020 Review

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By Baby Village on 30 March 2020

­Adding a full-size piece of furniture to your master bedroom may not be practical^, so we’ve rounded up the best options to meet your baby’s needs whilst offering a good fit with your personal style!

Best Overall ~ SnuzPod 3
The lightweight 2-piece design of the SnuzPod 3 bassinet makes it easy to move around your home. As a bedside co- sleeping bassinet, the breathable mesh sides allow for airflow and can be zipped down for fuss-free night feeds. The bassinet stand can be rocked, and a separate reflux attachment can elevate one end to help soothe your baby. With 9 adjustable height settings it can be used from birth to 6 months (approx). Snuzpod comes with a quilted mattress and is available in different finishes to perfectly coordinate with your existing design.

Best for Small spaces ~ BabyBjorn Cradle
With apartment-living space can be a challenge, the BabyBjorn Cradle has a small footprint but is spacious inside for baby. It’s lightweight making it portable, and when baby moves into a cot, it packs down small to await your next bundle of joy! A brilliant feature of this bassinet is the gentle rocking motion you can create with a soft touch. It is also positioned low, so you can see into it from the comfort of your own bed.

SnuzPod Bassinet
BabyBjorn Cradle
Best for Style ~ Leander Cradle
The name Leander is synonymous with design, and the Leander Cradle is no exception. Available with a Tripod (pictured) or Ceiling Hook fixture, your baby will fall gently to sleep with a calm rocking motion. Designed in an oval shape, baby will feel safely enclosed in their own space.
Leander Cradle
Best for Co-Sleeping ~ Cocoon Snuggle Time co-sleeper
Sleep easy knowing you can safely co-sleep with your baby with the NEW Snuggle Time co-sleeper from COCOON Furniture. Following the innovative design philosophy COCOON Furniture is renowned for worldwide, the Snuggle time co-sleeper offers unique features.

Most Versatile ~ Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet
This bassinet can be used as both a freestanding bassinet or as a co-sleeper. The side can be dropped down, giving you easy access to bub for late night feeds. With built-in castors you can move the Troll Sun Bassinet to whereever you are during the day. With a sleek and airy design, this piece of furniture will be a welcome addition to your master bedroom. It also makes for a comfy reading chair down the track!  
Troll Sun Bassinet
Best for Travel ~ Phil & Teds Traveller Bundle
Travelling with baby can present a whole range of new challenges – including sleep!  Phil & Teds have made a Traveller Bundle which includes a travel cot and bassinet attachment. A breeze to assemble and only weighing 2.8kg, makes it a perfect travel companion. It is so compact you could fit it into your luggage or a compact car boot. The bassinet attachment converts the cot and brings your newborn up high and close so you can sleep safely side-by-side.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a Travel Cot the BabyBjorn Easy Go is so simple to setup & pack down, it’s perfect for quick trips, has a carry bag for easy portability and is suitable from newborn up to 3 years old.
Phil & Teds Traveller Bassinet
BabyBjorn Easy Go Travel Cot
Best on a Budget ~ Grotime Patsy Bassinet
This compact bassinet provides a go anywhere, sleep anywhere solution. With built-in castors you can roll this bassinet into your bedroom at night or into your living area during the day. This ensures baby can have a safe sleep in a consistent environment any time of day.
^ Red Nose (formerly SIDS) Guidelines recommend baby sleeps in your room until they’re at least 6-months old.

We hope these insights have given you the information and inspiration to make the best choice for your baby and your home. If you’d like some further assistance, we invite you to book a personalised consultation with one of our lovely nursery advisors, or leave a comment below. BVx

The content in this blog has been updated 30-March 2020.

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