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By Baby Village on 27 January 2022

Find your Perfect Pram for Two!

When you find out your family is growing, it can be quite an overwhelming feeling, especially when you’re having your second baby or two at once! There are so many things to plan for, but deciding how you’re going to get around with your duo in tow can be one of the most important you’ll make. 

There are several things to think about when choosing the right double pram for your family. You’ll need to figure out what type of double pram will work best for you and then evaluate the different stand out features between prams, which is why we have created the below guide to finding the perfect double pram for you!

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  2. The Inline Double 
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  4. The Runner

The Side By Side Double.

The Side by Side Pram essentially means both Bubs (or siblings) will be able to sit beside each other. Depending on whether the pram is ‘modular’ will determine if or how you can configure the seats. Some may be fixed facing forward, others may allow you to adapt with a bassinet or turn the seat/s around to face you. Many will also enable you to add your car seat capsule with adapters to accommodate your newborn and infant/toddler. 

Our Top Picks for Side by Side Double are the Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo or Twin is a fantastic, high quality option for twins as it has two stunning bassinets for lie flat sleep on the go as well as being suitable from newborn. The Donkey Twin is also a great option for twins, but better yet, an option for siblings because you can have a lie flat bassinet combined with a seat, or two seats and they can face each other for increased bonding! The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is another great option for your duo as it is easy to travel with & has a compact fold so you can manoeuvre in and out of cars easily! 

The Inline Double.

Inline Double Prams have the benefit of being narrow like a single pram where the seats essentially stack to sit in tandem with each other. This is a fantastic option for parents who still want to be able to manoeuvre freely through smaller spaces despite having double the trouble on their hands. This streamlined design makes it perfectly easy to move through doors and around sharp corners such as supermarket isles or shopping departments. Inline Doubles are usually quite flexible in the seat configurations you can achieve - especially with a set of adapters or two!

We love the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Double as it is super modern, stylish and functional for your growing family. The pram not only comes with a double inline pram consisting of a bassinet and second seat for twins or two young babies, but it also comes with the added benefit of a rumble seat. This means that you can use your car seat and rumble seat to create a double pram where your baby sits closer to you and your toddler in the rumble seat below. The Joolz Geo 2 Double Pram is also a fantastic choice for an inline pram as it offers three different configurations and an XXL basket for all your baby necessities. 

The Convertible.

Convertible Prams are also a fantastic option when it’s your second or third child because they start off as single prams that convert to double prams as your family grows. By being able to attach a second stroller seat, infant car seat or in certain instances even a bassinet so that it is suitable for newborns too you will be able to make the most out of your pram for your soon to be gang of two. It also means that it can easily convert back to a single pram if one of your duo grows into their walking shoes and it’s time to move away from a pram.


The Runner.

If you’re a parent who loves to run, but you’re surprised with twins or you’re having a second baby, it might start to make your brain tick as to how you will be able to keep up running with two little darlings. This is where Running Double Strollers come in handy as they allow you to get out for a run but take both of your baby’s with you. Often with one wheel at the front and two at the back it helps to balance your Bub’s while you head off on your run and most running strollers are fantastic for all terrains so you can take your adventure off road too! 

So if you think you are in need of a double stroller that can help you keep up your active lifestyle then this double Running Stroller is a Village favourite. The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Pram is an all terrain running stroller that comes with a new sleek design and a locking swivel front wheel which is great for walking and jogging so that you can be sure to run with your precious duo safely. 

A second option for if you want to bring your Bub’s along running with you is the Thule Chariot Sport 2. A slightly different alternative to your classic stroller, it is a trailer specifically designed to make exercising with two babies easier. However it not only works for running, it is a multi purpose chariot fantastic for other activities such as biking and skiing too! 

Thule Chariot

We hope this has guided you towards the right option for you and your growing family and given you a variety of different options that are fit for two - of course there are plenty more to choose from here. If you are still looking for more advice, our Village staff are all mums too and can help you find the best solution for your family. Feel free to come in store or phone us for a more personal chat. 

If you would like to do some further reading on strollers, you can read our blog which discusses the Top 30 Prams & Strollers of 2021 too!


With love, BVx


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