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By Jess Pongrass on 08 February 2021

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Pram Tips

My first tip would be making sure your pram is fit for running; a true running pram has two essential elements, a hand-operated drum brake and a lockable front wheel, you'll also want air-filled tyres for better suspension. There are some hybrid prams available where the front-wheel is interchangeable between everyday use and a running wheel, so you don't have to purchase two separate prams.

It is also strongly recommended to wait until your passenger is at least 9-months old before you run with them, even though your pram may be approved from newborn or 6-months plus for walking. Be sure that their neck/head control is strong enough before you start running.

Bumbleride Speed Pram

Accessories for the Ride

So, once you've picked the right pram, make sure you've got all the right accessories to make your running easy and fun. Check whether it comes with a rain and/or sun cover, an organiser/caddy is nice to have to keep your mobile, keys and drink close at hand, or you might just opt for a drink holder. Your pram may not come with a tyre pump so be sure to add this to your purchase as it will be essential and you should keep it in the pram storage somewhere so it's ready whenever you need it. (If you're a bit more handy than most, you might also add a tyre-puncture repair kit to your onboard essentials - otherwise make friends with your local bike shop, they can pump your tyres, replace the tubes and oil the brakes for you!)

Tips for Baby & Mama 

Make sure before every run you've got everything your little passenger will need to keep them engaged during your run. Drinks, snacks, toys, sunglasses, hat, suncream, wipes & tissues are on my list! (Also a quick trip to the toilet if you're taking a toddler is advised!) Always be sure to check your equipment before you leave home, are your tyres pumped, are your brakes clean or squeaking, is your handlebar in the right position (should be a natural right-angle at your elbow), are your laces done up in a double-bow). Then you're ready to run & roll! 

You may or may not have been a runner pre-kiddo so this is for the newbies - be sure to stretch pre & post run. Pre-run you can do a 5-10 minute stand up dynamic/active warm-up where the aim is to loosen up the joints & muscles, just search "pre-run warm up" and YouTube has some great 7-min options to follow along to. When you return from your run, spend as long as you can 15-30 minutes on the floor doing long-hold stretches, focusing on your legs, hips & back. Your body will thank you and it will be easier to get out for that next run again sooner.

Find the importance in Stretching

12 Tips For Running With Your Pram

When you do finally step out the door, congratulate yourself - just getting out there is an achievement in itself! Then when you hit the pavement, here are my top tips:
  1. Run with a smile on your face, enjoy the fact that you're outdoors with your kiddo, breathe deeply, open your chest and have fun
  2. Set yourself a goal each run, maybe today it's 1km or running continuously for 5-minutes, but try not to run for pace ~ pushing a pram does add resistance so you're never going to be as fast as when you run solo
  3. Try not to "push" the pram, the momentum of you running and the large air-filled wheels should be enough to propel the pram with the lightest touch
  4. Try to run with one hand on the pram handlebar and the other as you normally would (like a piston at your side) ~ trying to run with both hands on the handlebar limits the natural movement of your hips and tends to make you lean forward (try to switch hands so it's not just your dominant hand always - suggest each km)
  5. Try to remain as upright as you would if you were running without a pram, think about drawing the crown of your head to the sky, and pushing your hips up/forward
  6. Try to run 'up' rather than 'forward', this sounds silly but give it a go and it will make more sense - your body is designed to move forward naturally, your feet should land under your hips, not out in front of you
  7. When running uphill you will need to rest both hands on the handlebar, but be sure to keep your arms at a right-angle so your body is quite close the pram, rather than stretching your arms out straight as the load will be heavier the further it is away from you (this tip applies to walking with your pram too!)
  8. When running downhill again it's best to have both hands on the pram, one on the handlebar and the other on the hand-brake, turning it slightly towards you to slow the pram down, this will also help you maintain your natural pace and ensure the pram does not get away from you
  9. Definitely keep the safety wrist strap on as often as possible and definitely if you're running downhill
  10. Listen to your body, if you're thirsty stop and take a sip, if you've got a cramp stop and stretch it out, if you're feeling fatigued, walk the rest of the way, and if you're feeling a stitch open your arms out wide look up to the sky and slow you're breathing down
  11. Plan your route out ahead of you, try to stick to flat, wide paths as much as possible
  12. If the pram feels hard to push, check the tyres - you might have a flat.

I've been running with the Thule Chariot Sport (single) with my nearly-3-year-old who is approx. 15kg while the pram itself is 14kg ~ sounds like a lot to push but the design of the Chariot incorporates lightweight aluminium, an aerodynamic shape, and quality oversized air-filled tyres to improve suspension, making it really easy to push. The Chariot comes with 4-wheels out of the box plus an included bike trailer kit. You can purchase the Jogging kit separately which includes the lockable front wheel to increase stability at higher speeds and to reduce veering on uneven terrains.

You can also read through our Top 30 Prams & Strollers of 2021 to see some more of our favourite running strollers here!

With love, Jess BVx

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