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By Baby Village on 27 January 2022

A single pram is the perfect option for your new family if you're looking for something that is completely comfortable and easily adaptable to any situation. Baby Village’s range of single prams come in a variety of different sizes and with different functionality so that you can find the perfect fit for your family. Let us help you find the perfect fit for you and for further advice schedule a consulation with an in store specialist. 

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Single Prams with Bassinets are one of the most popular single pram options as they allow your baby to sleep while you are on the go whether that be running errands, getting your morning coffee or a full day out together. Single Bassinet prams have fantastic features such as a flat surface to ensure your little darling gets sleep, a dedicated canopy and protective sides making them irresistible to new parents. They are also stylish and come in a range of different colours, shapes, sizes and brands so that you can find the perfect addition to your lifestyle. 

Below are a few of our favourite Prams with Bassinets for 2021, including some of their best features that make them stand out from the crowd.
Bugaboo Fox 3 with Sunrise Red Canopy

Bugaboo Fox

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is hands down one of our 2022 favourites as it is an all terrain stylish and comfortable stroller. It is a Bugaboo classic that continues to evolve and is designed with the multi tasking parent in mind. It is the pram that drives across even the most rocky or sandy surfaces with ease, as well as the pram that drives through the small supermarket isles without any inch of struggle. With the following advanced features such as the new advanced breezy bassinet, exciting new styling & premium detailing it's the pram you won't want to miss. 

Joolz Day+ 

The Joolz Day+ is a fabulous single pram with a bassinet as it is comfortable & stylish. With it’s smart design that grows with your baby it is long lasting and easy to use with just one hand. Joolz has even integrated clever LED lights to improve visibility for night owls. Plus with its lifetime warranty, the iconic Joolz Day+ is perfectly smart.

See our entire range of Prams with Bassinets here to find more fantastic options that will work for your growing family. 

Compact Prams are the group of strollers that are perfect for time and space saving parents. When you are looking for something easy to store in your home or car, and small enough to easily move around tight spaces and Paddington-sized city streets, Baby Village’s range of compact prams are the perfect fit for you. Compact prams generally fold with the seat intact so unlike bassinet prams you don’t need to remove any part of the pram to pop it into storage. In 2021 we’re loving the following compact prams. 

UPPAbaby Cruz V2

The Cruz V2 from UPPAbaby is a fantastic compact option for your family. It fits into small spaces and has one of the most compact folds on the market without compromising for comfort and size of the seat for your Bub. The following great features make it hard to go past if you are looking for a compact pram; a reversible and large seat that allows you to be able to both look at your Bub or have them facing the world ready to explore, and the oversize underseat basket for all your shopping. 

Bugaboo Bee6 | Bassinet optional extra

One of the most recent Bugaboo Prams to hit the market, this fun loving & compact pram is the perfect city pram. With it’s bright yellow sun canopy, it is the perfect splash of colour for your daily run to the shops or walk around the city streets, but also folds down with ease so that you can pack it in the back of the car without compromising on room for your weekly shopping. Some of the stand out features such as the fact that it is small, car seat compatible and suitable from birth to toddler is why we think it’s one of the best for 2021. 

See our entire range of Compact Strollers here to look through all of our great options that will work if you are looking for a space saving option for your growing family.

Travel Prams are the perfect fit if you’re a big traveller; whether you’re jumping on a plane, into your own car for a long car trip or running errands around town. Travel strollers are smaller, lightweight, portable and have a fast & easy fold. Below are two of our favourite Travel Strollers in range for 2021 and they have a variety of world class features. 

Babyzen YOYO2 + Newborn Nest

The YOYO2 plus Newborn Nest is renowned for its instant folding and compact overhead cabin luggage size (which is ideal for travel). With the addition of the newborn nest it is suitable from when Bub first enters your world and it is fantastic for your little one’s comfort while also being stylish. It is both lightweight & completely compact, folding down into the same size as your carry-on duffle bag or mini suitcase, being equal to or less than most airlines cabin luggage allowance. (We strongly recommend checking ahead with your airline to make sure you can take it onboard!)

Joolz Aer

The Joolz Aer is one of the most fantastic and functional travel prams on the market. It’s most notable feature is that you can fold it down in a single second. You will be the parent to envy when you're moving onto the plane with your stroller hanging over your shoulder looking like a handbag. It’s ultra lightweight at only 6kgs and the flexible carry strap allows you to easily carry it when your toddler wants to walk! 

See our entire range of Travel Strollers here to find the perfect option for moving around with ease. 

3-Wheel Prams are extremely functional when it comes to steering through rough terrain due to the small front wheel and large back wheels increasing stability. If you are the kind of parent who loves to get outdoors or has a fast-growing mini-me, a 3-wheel stroller could be the perfect addition to your family. They are a great addition to your Baby Kit due to being suitable for all terrains and are great for active parents (still including mums who enjoy a daily walk with their friends and then brunch session). 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

This great 3-wheel design folds down with just the lift of a strap so that you can hold Bub in one arm or your picnic basket and get ready to hop into the car with ease. It is the 3-wheel stroller that can handle any terrain from rocks, to beach, to gravel and with patent forever-air puncture-proof wheels it is the closest pram to an auto drive yet!

Edwards & Co Oscar MX + Bassinet

The only truly modular 3-wheel pram means you can have Bub facing in towards you or out towards the world. The Oscar MX brings together style, luxury and functionality with it’s beautiful choice of high quality fabric for extra comfort. With the addition of a bassinet you can use the pram from birth and your newborn will be able to sleep peacefully while on a stroll. It also features an extra-large shopping basket that is easily accessible from both sides and has a completely unique fold without you having to bend down! Recovery from Bub’s birth has never been better. 

See our entire range of 3 Wheel Strollers here to find the perfect option for your active lifestyle or outdoor adventures. 

If you want to read more of our top prams for 2021 please read our Top 30 Prams & Strollers for 2021 Blog here, or feel free to pop into store to chat to one of our friendly staff as they are all mums too and have wonderful advice to give. 

With love, BVx

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