Tips on Starting Solids for Baby

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By Baby Village on 29 November 2021

The introduction to solids and feeding your little one is such an exciting stage of life as they get to enjoy all the joys of mouthwatering solid food that we, as adults, have come to love. It is also a fantastic bonding experience as you can explore their new tastes and sensations together. To help guide new parents and their little ones through this adventurous time, we are here to support you with some top tips on why starting solids is so important, the best ways to start this journey with your baby & some fantastic support products to help. 

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  1. When is the best time to start your baby’s journey into solids? 
  2. What are the best products to help with the early feeding journey?
  3. What types of foods are best to introduce to your baby in these early stages of solid feeding?

When is the best time to start your baby's journey into solids?

Leander High Chair
The introduction to solids normally starts around the six month mark as this is when their immune systems are strong enough and have built up enough antibodies to process solid food safely. Their iron levels also start to lower at this point so it’s important to maintain these at a healthy level as well, however we advise consulting your baby’s doctor to get the right personalised advice for them as every baby is different*. Introducing solids goes alongside continued milk intake until approximately 12-18 months old and we stock a range of fantastic resources to guide you through this complementary feeding process including the book Baby Love by Robin Barker.

There are some particular signs that may indicate to you that your little one is ready to start their journey into the delicious world of food and once you start seeing them it may be time to have a chat with your baby’s doctor. These may be that your baby gets a little extra excited when they see you preparing their food and start to lean towards you or that they open their mouths as you start to feed them. 

* While we make every effort to ensure that the information we include in our articles is accurate and informative, the information does not take the place of professional or medical advice. Please consult your doctor or personal health care professional before implementing any of the suggested information. 

What are the best products to help with the early feeding journey? Sippy Cup
When it comes to baby feeding must-haves we have plenty of great recommendations, from a wide range of products including silicone based feeding essentials like the Done by Deer range or Calf & Crew all the way to steamer blenders like those from Beaba. However a range that we particularly find complements the journey into solids is ~ a company founded in 2007 with the mission of redefining everyday essentials and supporting children from the beginning. There is so much to learn about the feeding journey and having the right tools at the right time can make a big difference in nurturing bubs development, allowing them to cultivate lifelong skills for a happy and healthy little journey.

Some ‘must-have’ items for those early days of feeding include:

  1. Versatile bowl and straw with easy grip handles for carer-led or baby-led feeding. Bub can slurp directly from the bowl or through the attached straw, and folks can lend a hand using a silicone spoon. Bowl & Straw
  2. A sippy cup to hydrate in between mouthfuls of yummy puree. Sippy Cup
  3. A smock bib to contain the mess! Smock Bib
  4. A fresh food feeder for those slippery foods that are hard to hold. Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

Once you’ve organised all your baby products to help your journey into starting solids with Bub, you then need to figure out the perfect (and yummiest) solids combination that you’re going to feed your little one. 

What types of foods are best to introduce your baby in these early stages of solid feeding?

When it comes to baby food, there are a lot of options and advice. A fantastic place to start is by ensuring that you feed your little one as many natural & wholefoods as possible, however when you are a new (and often time poor) mum that can be difficult. This is why companies like Nourishing Bubs, who focus on creating healthy choices for your baby are a great option for parents starting their journey into solids with Bub as they are quick to prepare and mean that parents don’t have to compromise on nutritional value.

Nourishing Bubs
Founded by Dietician Olivia Bates, Nourishing Bubs was started after she began investigating the food options available to children and discovered a lack of fresh/nutritious options available. Olivia observed that the real taste of vegetables was often masked by fruit, meaning children rarely learned savoury tastes and were being nurtured to favour a preference for sweet foods. This was where Nourishing Bubs first ever Solid Starter Pack was born and introduced babies to ten unique veggies in a healthy way for Bub but efficient way for parents. They also come in small portions ideal for your little one who isn’t adjusted to solids yet. Olivia also hosts a range of online seminars to help parents & carers through the process of introducing solid foods ~ join one of her upcoming webinars here.

As Nourishing Bubs focuses on the early years of eating, the baby food range pairs fantastically with the feeding range creating a great combination to journey into solids with. The bowl and straw mentioned above is perfect when paired with Nourishing bubs purees, whereas the Silicone Fresh Food Feeder is awesome for Bubs when they start on their solids journey and are maybe playing a little more than eating. In addition, it is also great for teething and even better when paired with one of the Nourishing Bubs frozen blocks of puree. 

Olivia Bates ~ Founder of Nourishing Bubs
Nourishing Bubs Baby Food

We know the adjustment to parenthood and having a young (and incredibly cute) baby can be overwhelming, especially when they seem to grow at such a fast pace, but it is also one of the most exciting times! The memories that you make along the way are lifelong and that is why we are here to help you get all the right advice, tips & baby product must-haves to make every transition as easy as possible. 


Remember, you’re learning too, you are more than capable, and if you feel as though you need a bit of extra support, our friendly staff are Mums too and are always available for a chat. Drop in, give us a call or leave us a comment below.

Lots of love, BVx

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