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By Baby Village on 04 January 2021

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  1. Why do you need a pram? 
  2. What type of parent are you? 
  3. What's the perfect pram for you? 
  4. What are the features of your perfect pram?


Let’s start with why you need a pram when your little one arrives? 

Prams are an essential tool in your new parenting kit - they provide you with the flexibility to get out & about with Bub. Once your little one arrives, daily errands like grocery shopping and walks around the neighbourhood will change - along with everything you will need to take with you! 

Of course you will always have the option of simpling carrying your Bub, whether that be in your arms or with the aid of a sling or carrier, but there will be times when you need your hands free, and a pram is the perfect solution.

Your pram needs will certainly change as your newborn grows and develops through infanthood into a walking-talking toddler who may no longer want to sit it in a pram, but you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it! For now, we suggest you choose a pram that will suit your current lifestyle and needs. 


Now, let’s figure out what kind of parent you are going to be! 

Before we jump into the different types of prams available, let’s figure out what kind of parent you think you’re going to be! We’ve made it easy for you and created a few different personas you might identify with - and don’t worry if you can’t decide, there’s a pram for everyone!

What type of Parent are you?

The Ultimate Multitasker

  • You’re the one holding the front door open with one leg, the shopping bags on one arm & Bub on the other. 
  • You have every ability to talk on the phone, while having a conversation consisting solely of hand signals to hubby about who’s dropping Bub at daycare. 
  • ​You find yourself cleaning the shower while having one! 

The Big Fam Gang

  • You’ve got more kids than hands!
  • You find yourself struggling to fit the fam gang in one car with all the car seats and shopping bags. 
  • You’re pregnant with your second!
  • Your food shopping is larger than your cupboard. 

The Jetsetter

  • You love to travel, whether this be to the beach, interstate or international. You’re always jetting somewhere! 
  • You find yourself struggling down the plane aisle with your carry on luggage suddenly consisting solely of Bub and their things - where did your handbag go?!
  • You’re always travelling to visit relatives or friends 

The Runner

  • You love a light jog, run or sprint and want to bring Bub along for the ride 
  • You’ve completed a few long distance runs in your time
  • You find yourself setting out for a casual walk down the road for your morning coffee and end up jogging the distance
  • You’d rather spend your time outdoors than in!

The Budget Friendly

  • You want the best quality for your gorgeous Bub but for the lowest price! 
  • You find yourself writing a new savings plan every month
  • You love coupons & sale season is a dream!

The Style Conscious

  • You love dressing to match Bub
  • You dress to impress 
  • You find yourself slowing down on a walk or in the car when you pass clothing stores just to have a sneaky peak through the window 
  • Your closet is bigger than your bathroom!


Now it’s time to find the perfect pram to match your lifestyles!

Read below for the perfect pram options for the type of parent you are: 

Prams For The Ultimate Multitasker

Prams For The Big Fam Gang

Prams For The Jetsetter

Prams For The Runner

Prams For The Budget Friendly

Prams For The Style Conscious


Now that we’ve found you a match, let’s unpack the features of each pram type: 

There are many types of prams & strollers and your first google search may leave you in hysterics screaming. “Do I want a single stroller? BUT WAIT, what’s a 3 WHEEL STROLLER?! Is that different to a running stroller?? What if I have a second baby, does that mean I have to buy a double stroller NOW?!”

It can be quite the overwhelming experience, but don’t worry, we know and that’s why the team at Baby Village is here to help. We have compiled a list of the main categories of strollers and why they’re great below! 

  1. Single Strollers: Single prams are ideal for parents who are looking for a one and done stroller that has it all, outdoor, indoor, urban settings, however if you’re looking to grow your tribe in a hurry or you’re already onto your second this may not be the choice for you. 

    Single Pram | Bugaboo Fox 3
    3-Wheel Stroller | Edwards & Co MX Oscar

  2. 3-Wheel Strollers: Three-wheel prams are fantastic for a versatile stroller that is easy to navigate in an outdoor environment. If you’re a walker, enjoy the outdoors or are often in a rush and need to swerve around corners at high speed then this might just be the perfect pram for you.

  3. Inline Prams (Convert to Double): Inline Prams are a great choice for parents who are open to the possibility of having more than one child as they easily convert into double prams! 

    Inline Pram | JOOLZ Geo 2 in Classic Blue
    Lightweight Stroller | Bugaboo Bee 6

  4. Lightweight Strollers: Lightweight Strollers are the option for parents who are always on the move. Getting in and out of cars and up stairs can prove quite the difficult challenge after a baby so if you’re doing it often we highly recommend a lighter option. We also have a great selection of Compact Strollers which are often lightweight but fit into small places and have an easy fold. 

  5. Value Prams: Value Prams are a fantastic option for parents who are looking to buy high quality prams for their babies but on a budget! They offer the same immaculate safety standards as all prams but give saving conscious parents a bit more wiggle room for other purchases for Bub. See our Top 30 Prams & Strollers for 2021 here to see our selection. 

    Value Prams | Valco Baby Snap Ultra Tailormade
    Side By Side Prams | Bugaboo Donkey 5 Twin

  6. Side-By-Side Double Prams: Double Prams are a great option for parents who are having twins, their second or third child (and so on!). It really is a life saver when you can take all your kids safely with you on an adventure outdoors!

  7. Running Strollers: Prams such as running strollers are a fantastic option for parents who are used to living an active lifestyle and prefer running over strolling. Why not take Bub on the run with you?!

    Running Stroller | Thule Urban Glide 2

  8. Travel Strollers: Strollers that are easily able to fit in overhead storage, the boot of your car or taxi are perfect for travel and great for jetsetting parents. They allow you the flexibility of moving around & travelling long distances easily with your little one. 

You can read about all the fantastic options that we offer within each of these categories at our Top 30 Prams & Strollers of 2022 blog here

If you are still finding it difficult to decide, are feeling overwhelmed and just not sure what to do, don’t worry we totally understand. Our friendly staff are all parents too so feel free to come into the store, or give us a call to chat through your options, questions or concerns! We are always here to help. 

With love, BVx

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