How to Choose between a 3-Wheel or 4-Wheel Stroller?

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By Baby Village on 01 February 2021

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The first thing you should do when deciding which pram or stroller will suit your new family, is work out how you’re going to be using it. It may be hard to imagine given that your new little baby is going to change your life and lifestyle, but this guide will walk you through the forks in the road.

There are so many factors to consider and so many features available, so for now, just think about the types of places you will stroll; footpaths and shopping centres or the park and offroad trails

Why? 3-Wheel vs 4-Wheel

If you are the type of parent who loves to get outdoors and wants the flexibility of being able to move around quickly then a 3-Wheel Stroller might be best for you. The main feature of 3-Wheel Prams is the fact that they are nifty strollers easily able to be moved through tight spaces such as shopping aisles, tight city streets or corners & off terrain paths. 

In comparison if you are the kind of parent who looks at the aesthetics and likes to window shop then a 4-Wheel Pram might be the winner for you. The key features of the 4-Wheel people moving method are that they are often slightly more stable, there is a wider selection of prams to choose from and 4-Wheel Prams are slightly more affordable depending on which brand and model you buy. 

We have created a guide with the features of both Wheel types so that you can compare and contrast accordingly, and find the perfect fit for your family. 

Comparison of Pram Features




Range of Motion: The 3 wheels allow for flexibility when manoeuvring through smaller spaces. The front wheel moves through an entire 360 degrees which means those sharp supermarket corners will feel non-existent on your shopping trip with Bub and if your toddler runs in front of the pram, your swerving ability will be excellent.  Stability: The 4 Wheel ride allows you to have slightly more stability with an evenly distributed weight and a stable centre of gravity due to the fact that your baby seat is equally surrounded by wheels (however 3-Wheel Prams are extremely safe too). 
All Terrains: The benefit of having 3-Wheels can often mean that your pram is better suited to all terrains such as gravel paths, sand & snow. This is due to the air filled tyres of 3-Wheel Prams, the better steering ability and the more streamline design.  Greater Selection: 4 Wheel Prams are often chosen due to the fact that there are a lot more options. Ranging through a multitude of big name brands such as Bugaboo, UPPAbaby and Thule, 4 wheel strollers have a selection that can be more cost efficient, as well as strollers that have extensive design features & accessories. 

There are also 4-Wheel Strollers that are able to be used across all terrains as well.
Active Lifestyle: Having an all terrain based 3-Wheel Pram with excellent manoeuvrability is a fantastic fit for active parents. If you like to get out for a run or walk everyday then this might be the pram for you. It is also great for slightly more advanced exercise such as hiking and uphill slopes.  Lightweight: If you are a parent who moves around a lot, in and out of cars, buses or taxis then a 4-Wheel pram might be the perfect fit for you. Made with light materials that make them easy to lift and a design that often aids for a smaller fold, this pram is a great addition for parents on the go. 


The Pram Options

However when it comes to the individual prams, there are lots of different prams that combine the above features so that you can find your perfect stroller whether they have three wheels or four! 

For example if you are looking for a pram that is easily able to be stored, but has three wheels then Edwards & Co has the right pram for you! With the Oscar MX, it’s two back wheels are able to be removed so that it can fit into the boot of your car with ease. On the other hand, if you are looking for a 4-Wheel Pram which suits your active lifestyle and drives across all terrains then the Bugaboo Fox 2 might be the Pram for you. 

Edwards & Co Oscar MX Pram in Sand
Bugaboo Fox 2 Stroller

See our selection of 3 Wheel Strollers here to find your perfect fit, and our wide range of 4 Wheel Prams here so that you can find the best for your growing family. We know how difficult it can be to choose your pram, so if you are still struggling to figure out what might best suit you and your family’s needs, our friendly staff are mums too so feel free to pop into the store or give us a call for a chat and further guidance. 

For more detailed information on some of our favourite 3-Wheel & 4-Wheel Prams in the village, check out our recent blog which goes through our Top 30 Prams & Strollers of 2021

With love, BVx

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