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Car Safety
By Baby Village on 14 May 2020
Vehicle seat belts are designed for larger bodied passengers, and do not offer appropriate protection for most children. Booster seats are primarily designed to better position the seat belt on an older child, but for smaller children, even this is inappropriate.

" At the end of the day, the goals are simple: SAFETY & SECURITY"

— Jodi Rell

- Convertible Boosters -



An ever-growing, developing and maturing child soon grows out of things. With the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro you know exactly when it’s safe to move up to the next age level - from approx. 6 months old all the way to 8 years old. Titan Pro is first used with the built in 5-point safety harness to fasten the child, before becoming a booster that uses the regular 3-point car seatbelt.

Age Range:

  • From 6 months approximately to 4 years with use of the in built harness
  • Booster mode 4 to 8 years with car 3 point seat belt. 


  • Safety shield – Duel action head and torso protection.
  • Air Protect, superior side impact head protection
  • New compact G-CELL design for improved safety
Price: RRP | $449.99


The Maxi Guard PRO is Britax's safest Forward Facing Harnessed seat with SICT Safety Technology and an inbuilt Hassle Free Harness. 

Age Range: Suitable for growing children from approximately 6 months to 8 years old.


  • Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) - Head Protection - The inner SICT layer provides 180° protection around your child’s head, whilst the outer SICT layer absorbs immediate crash energy.
  • Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) - Torso Protection - Torso SICT minimises the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs for greater protection.
  • Harnessed for Longer - 6 point Hassle Free Harness keeps your child securely restrained for longer.
Price: RRP | $599.99


The Infasecure Accomplish provides an unparalleled level of comfort for larger toddlers and children.

Age Range: Suitable from a large 6 month old through to a large 8 year old.

Premium Safety: Air Cocoon Technology & Secur-air:

  • Secur-air works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology to dramatically reduce crash energy to the child's head. Accomplish comes with ACT as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard.

Premium Convenience:

  • Accomplish Premium included a slew of features designed to make travel easier.
  • Buckle holders keep shoulder straps out of the way when placing a child in the seat.
  • The twist-hesitant straps ensure a safe and comfortable harness fit every time.
Price: RRP | $549.99


The Mother’s Choice kin AP convertible booster seat features AirProtect superior side impact protection technology. A child’s head is the most vulnerable part during side impact collisions. AirProtect shields your child in the instance of an accident by dispersing the energy forces away from your child’s head. AirProtect unique design feels soft to touch for your child’s convenience during everyday use or for those long road trips.

Age Range: Suitable from 6 months to 8 years old.

  • AirProtect superior side impact protection for the head. Feel the difference
  • Wicking fabric for your child's comfort
  • Narrow yet comfortable seat with additional padding
 Price: RRP | $299.99

- Booster Seats -



Using the patented anti-submarining technology SecureGuard, the Kid Guard offers 4 points of safety, ensuring the adult lap belt is always in an ideal position from shoulder to pelvic bones.

Age Range: Approximately 135cm in total height - 4 years to 10 years of age (approx.) or when shoulders meet the maximum height markers.

  • 4 Points of Safety - The SecureGuard Anti-Submarining Device adds a 4th contact point to the standard 3-point adult vehicle seat belt. The additional 4th attachment point on the Kid Guard helps to keep the adult lap belt in an ideal position from shoulder to pelvic bones.
  • SecureGuardTM Anti-Submarining Device - The patented SecureGuard Anti-Submarining Device is used to position the vehicle lap-belt correctly over the hips and thighs to protect your child’s abdominal area.
  • Grows with Your Child - With expandable side wings, extendable seat base and 9 point adjustable headrest, the Kid Guard easily transforms to grow with your child.
  • Fits 3 Across - With a slim design, the Kid Guard easily accommodates 3 across the back, with a narrow seat base that allows for easy seatbelt buckle access.
 Price: RRP | $299.99


The Rodi Air Protect from Maxi Cosi is a lightweight booster seat, offering excellent protection for the head especially, this car seat protects at a crucial stage of development and comes with a range of additional features.

Age Range: Suitable from 4 to 8 years old.

  • Forward-facing booster seat.
  • Cool Baby Bamboo wicking fabric to keep baby cool and comfortable.
  • Air protection system in the headrest, specially designed to provide the child with the best side protection possible, even reducing the risk of head and neck injury by 20%.
 Price: RRP | $259.99​


Introducing the new Aspire Premium Booster Car Seat from Infasecure. It features an adjustable, locking headrest which enables the seat to grow with your child. His child restraint uses the vehicles adult lap & sash belt. It also features a top tether strap for simple installation.

Aspire is the tallest Booster Seat on the Australian market, seating children up to a seated shoulder height of 57cm.

Age Range: Suitable from 4 to 8 years old.

  • Forward Facing Booster from 4 to 8 years
  • Large seatbelt sash guides
  • Triple Layer Crash Protection
 Price: RRP | $259.99​


The Mother’s Choice Tribe AP booster seat provides continued safety for an older child with the revolutionary AirProtect Technology.

Age Range: Suitable for children from 4 to approximately 8 years of age, or until the child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker.

  • AirProtect superior side impact protection for the head. Feel the difference
  • Wicking fabric for your child's comfort
  • 5 position extendable headrest for your growing child
 Price: RRP | $219.99​​

We hope this information has helped you in your car-seat decision-making process, as always we're here to help so leave a comment below or we'd love to see you in store - book your demo today! BVx


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