14 Best Baby Carriers of 2022

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By Baby Village on 08 June 2021
Baby Carriers are the best way for new parents to keep their baby close; they encourage bonding and are a fantastic ergonomic way to get on with your daily routine despite the change that Bub brings into your life. We have collated a list of our favourite Baby Carriers perfect to fit your every need whether it be breathable carrying with superior support or carriers fit for hiking up a mountain on your next family adventure.

See our 14 Best Baby Carriers of 2022

Babybjorn Carrier Harmony Mesh

BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Babybjorn Carrier Harmony Mesh

This carrier brings harmony into your little family with it's soft design for Bub & breathable outer mesh for a lightweight feel & airflow for parents. It is our latest option in carriers for your little one and is a gorgeous option with a variety of colours to choose from from anthricite to silver & more. The details closest to the baby's head and face are made in soft jersey for their utmost comfort on your daily adventures. 
Weight Capacity: Newborn - 3 years

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Carrier

BEST BREATHABILITY: Ergobaby Omni Breeze

The best new baby carrier on the market ~ we absolutely love the Ergobaby Omni Breeze with it’s fantastic mesh panels that are lightweight & breathable. It features patented mesh technology SoftFlex which makes it a stand out addition to the market. The waist belt also has the addition of foam cut outs to make it even more comfortable for airflow circulation. 
Weight Capacity: Birth - 20kgs

Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier in Charcoal/Black
Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier in Sand

BEST ECO-FRIENDLY: Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier

Being made from post-consumer recycled polyester, the Aerloom Carrier is as good for the earth as it is your adventurous lifestyle as a new parent. It is also features the specialisted FormaKnit fabric which allows for the ultimate fit because it stretches in just the right way for supportive and custom fit babywearing. It also allows for breathable and lightweight carrying. 
Weight Capacity: 3.2kgs to 15.9 kgs


BabyBjorn Carrier One Air

BEST FOR DADS: BabyBjorn One Carrier

As a new Dad it can be hard to navigate the baby world with a lot of products tailored specifically to the Baby Mama’s of the world … you might be wondering “what’s out there for me?!”. When it comes to baby carrying it’s a fantastic way to bond with your baby and the Baby Bjorn One Carrier is perfect for all Dads with a fit that can be adjusted to all body types. It includes a waist belt that is well padded for great back and shoulder relief, creating an ergonomic environment for baby carrying. 
Weight Capacity: Birth - 15kgs

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Cool Air Mesh

BEST ALL ROUND: Ergobaby Omni 360 Air Mesh

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Air Mesh is a fantastic & versatile option for baby carrying. It can be used from birth with no insert needed making it the perfect carrying option from newborn to toddler (3.2kg - 20kgs). Not only is it perfectly sustainable for a longer period of use, it is also made from Mesh breathable fabric and comes in a variety of colours so that you can pick the perfect carrier for you & your baby. 
Weight Capacity: 3.2kgs - 20kgs

Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier in Starry Black
Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier Storage

BEST STRUCTURED CARRIER: Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier

The Osprey Poco Plus is a fantastic choice for active parents who are looking to safely and comfortably explore local trails, stroll to the park and make everyday tasks easier. Some of it's stand out features include the double halo harness features front-facing arm loops for an easier way to load and buckle in a child, while the adult's adjustable harness and Fit-on-the-Fly hip-belt offer both small and tall parents alike the most comfortable carry experience.
Weight Capacity: Maximum 22kg including child, gear & pack weight combined

Phil & Teds Parade Carrier
Frog Orange Carrier

BEST FOR TODDLERS: Phil & Teds Parade

The Phil & Teds Parade Carrier is a great lightweight, everyday option for little ones who have grown out of their baby carrier. It is the the perfect carrier for toddlers as it accommodates weight all the way up to 18kg and the frame only weighs 2kg itself! It is breathable and fantastic for little ones who love exploring ... just not on their feet. 
Weight Capacity: 6 months - 4 years (18kgs)


The Frog Orange Carrier is a fantastic option when it comes to taking your Bub for their first swim. Made out of neoprene your Bub will be kept warm, snug & will be able to stay close to Mum or Dad while splashing in the shallows. It is a great option for every day as well as being comfortable with front and rear facing ergonomic ‘M’ shape carry positions.
Weight Capacity: 4kg - 15kg 

BabyBjorn Carrier Mini | Charcoal Grey Jersey
BabyBjorn Carrier Mini | Cotton Black

BEST FOR NEWBORN: BabyBjorn Carrier Mini

The perfect carrier if you have a newborn as it is small, compact & lightweight ~ you’ll barely even notice the extra weight of your Bub. Designed to fit a newborn’s body the carrier is ergonomic and snug fitting. It is a great option for parents who want an easy babywearing option for quick morning walks, or a trip to the grocery store. 
Weight Capacity: Newborn - 11kg

Moby Cloud Hybrid Carrier
Moby Evolution Wrap

BEST HYBRID CARRIER: Moby Cloud Hybrid Carrier

The Moby Cloud Hybrid Carrier is the perfect combination of your favourite features in a structured baby carrier as well as a flexible baby wrap. It is lightweight and breathable with it’s mesh panelling but also has the soft fabric used in wraps both crossing at the front and tying at the back. It’s also adjustable to fit all different shapes and sizes so we know you will love it!
Weight Capacity: 4kgs - 15kgs

BEST WRAP: Moby Evolution Wrap

This is the perfect wrap for breathability and comfort due to the combination of viscose & cotton in the material build. This allows for a stretch material like no other wrap and increased flexibility as your baby grows into toddlerhood. Not only is it comfortable & ergonomic, it’s one size fits all so perfect for both you & your partner to use at all times. 
Weight Capacity: 3.6kg - 14kgs

Dreambaby Manhattan Carrier
Hippychick Hip Seat

BEST BASICS: Dreambaby Manhattan & Oxford

Fantastic carrier options for the no-frills family yet still with ergonomic features for your Bub. The Dreambaby Carriers are made for comfort, support and durability with three carry positions and adjustable straps that make it easy to adapt to your growing baby. A practical and easy way to stay connected to your everyday life as well as Bub. 
Weight Capacity: 3.5kg - 15kg

BEST FUSS-FREE: Hippychick

The best fuss-free Baby Carrier on the market, the Hippychick is designed to make carrying your little one on your hip easier from ages through from 6 - 36 months. It is strategically designed to combat adult back pain that comes from carrying older babies and toddlers. 
Weight Capacity: 6 months - 3 years

BEST MINI-ME CARRIER: Miniland Baby Doll Carrier / Ergobaby Doll Carrier

When your little one plays copycat to Mum or Dad, you’ll want to get them amini-me carrier so that they can keep up with their daily routine while their baby stays close at all times. The Miniland Baby Doll Carrier & Ergobaby Doll Carrier are fantastic options for your mini-me so that you can help your toddler grow up to be just like you. 

Age Limits
Miniland: Suitable for children 3 years + 
Ergobaby: Suitable for children 18 months +
General advice from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute is that periodic short-term use of a baby carrier is unlikely to have any effect on hip development. It's important for parents to assess the size of their baby and match the right carrier to their size so that the hips can be in a healthy position during transport. For more information visit: https://hipdysplasia.org/baby-carriers-other-equipment/
If you want more information regarding our wide range of babywearing options for your growing family, feel free to pop into the store to chat to one of our friendly staff as they are all mums too and have wonderful advice to give. 
With love, BVx

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