Choosing the Right Car Seat 2020 | Review 

By Celine Gold on 30 September 2020

Let's start with the facts: all car seats sold on the Australian market comply to the Australian standards, all car seats are tested in the same way, using a weighted dummy in a crash test lab, and all car seats must meet the requirements to be sold Australia, so what makes the car seat for you the right choice?


We all have different cars, different budgets and a different set of requirements for car seats.

Some people come to me and say they plan on having three under three. For this scenario, we need to think slim so you are able to fit three car seats at any given stage. Your best bet is to go with something short in depth and narrow based.

My pick for this would be the Britax Safe-n-Sound Graphene. This is one of the narrowest seats on the market, has ISOFIX  installation; bamboo thermo 5 fabric to regulate heat, and will last years. The Slimm-Line is an A4 seat - allowing you the ability to rear face from birth to approximately three years, then forward face until four.
Britax Safe-n-Sound Graphene

‚ÄčIf size isn't an issue and you are looking for extreme comfort and safety, definitely look into the Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia. It's sleek design, with ISOFIX installation, thermo 5 bamboo and charcoal fabric, and easy adjust head rest meaning no need to retread those straps. The seat is slightly larger than the Slimm-Line, but has more padding for comfort and would suit any car. 

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia

This brings us to capsules...
There is always the decision of whether or not to get a capsule - keeping in mind every scenario and that each persons' circumstance is different.

Here is a list of reasons a capsule may benefit you:

  1. You live up a flight of stairs. It is much easier to walk up the stairs from the car carrying the capsule on one arm and the shopping in the other, in comparison to carrying the child up and coming back down for the nappy bag (keeping in mind a newborn requires two hands).
  2. You are an extremely social family and are out at get-togethers, dinners, family events all the time; in and out of the car a lot for work requirements or other, this may benefit you as its great to be able let the baby stay asleep.
  3. You come home and park on the street and you don't always park right outside the house - sometimes parking 50 metres away. Having a capsule would be far easier to get baby and belongings into the house. 
  4. This is your second baby and you have a toddler or older child who requires school drop-off and pick-up, requiring short trips outside the car.

But... (yes there is a BUT!) 

  1. It is important to note that a capsule has a maximum stay of two hours for the baby at any given time. We would even recommend no longer than 90 minutes. It is not great for posture to leave your baby in a 'C' shape. As they don't have the neck strength yet, with their head curled over, it can potentially present breathing ussues if left for long periods of time. Long term capsule use can also be linked to babies staying in the banana shape and disliking tummy time, as once stretched out their tiny bodies hurt.
  2. Capsules are heavy. Even the 'lighter' capsules have a hefty weight. Then always remember to add the weight of the baby. A high percentage of babies don't settle well in capsules, disliking the 'C' shape, potentially aggravating reflux and causing babies distress in the car. 

In saying all of this, whatever you choose in the end will work for you. If you don't choose a capsule, there may be six times in the year that you wish you had chosen the capsule, and if your bub out-grows the capsule early you will be purchasing a rearward facing car seat anyway and question if you needed it to begin with.

The Maxi Cosi's Mico Plus ISOFIX comes with an easy to detach split tether system making getting in and out of the car a breeze, and is also stroller-compatible (with adaptors). Available in a range of colours, the capsule includes Air Protect™ side impact technology and features an extended UPF 50+ and water resistent canopy.

Maxi Cosi Mico AP

If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we'll help you make the right choice for you!

[This post was originally published March-2017 and has been updated with the most recent car seat models.]

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