10 Perfect Gift Registry Ideas

By Celine Gold on 21 May 2022

It's always tricky to know what to add to your gift registry. Do you include big ticket items? If you do, are you asking too much?
The short answer is no. Include all of the items you actually need (and a few you plain old want!) on your registry. If someone doesn't want to spend big on a large item, they wont. You may even find that a few people 'donate' toward one big item which is wonderfully helpful.

There are two types of people when it comes to gift buying off a registry:

1. The person who wants to buy you something adorable!
Seriously - who doesn't love adorable baby stuff? But that doesn't mean your cute new gift can't be practical too. Think activity gyms, travel and pram toys and baby comforters.

2. The person who will ONLY buy practical things you 'need'
Love this person too. They help with the necessities that arent necesarily as pretty. Think pram pegs, face washers and soothers.

Here is our list for a combination of type one and two people. We've left off the big ticket items  - you need to be able to choose your own cot and stroller.... Although we do love to help!

1. All4ELLA Pram pegs 4pk
These practical pegs will be used to secure a muslin to your pram safelt and securely. They're perfectly designed to handle the bulk of a pram.

2. Skip Hop Activity Gym
Skip Hop offer a wide range of amazing playmats to suit every style and budget. They provide hours of entertainment and stimulation for your little one, giving him or her a comfortable place to rest their head and work on those vital learning stages. They also include a brilliantly shaped tummy time mat which will aid in strengthening your little ones neck. A definite must have!

3. Little Bamboo Hooded TowelFace Washers 
Made from brilliantly soft and fluffy quality bamboo, these towels and washers are perfect for your baby's delicate skin.

4. Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks
These make a great add on to any pram. We all need a place for our nappy bag or that extra bag of grocery shopping!

5. Little Fraser Wrap
This multi-use product is a must have. Not only is it the stretchiest swaddle, giving bub a tight secure wrap; but doubles as a light blanket in summer and a nice pram cover in winter.

6. Sophie La Giraffe Teething Ring
Who doesn't know Sophie? Let's face it - without adding her to your registry, you'll likely end up with one (or five) along the way. The full sized giraffe is wonderful from about the eight month mark and your little one will love it - but prior to that, they'll love the easier to handle Sophie La Giraffe teehing ring.

7. Bandana Bibs 
A three pack of bandana bibs will be a life saver! These dry quickly helping to reduce teething and dribble rash and keep clothes dry. (They are also super stylish!)

8. Lamaze Toys
This is such an amazing range of toys with so many uses and developmental stages. You'll spend hours trawling through them all and will definitely find use for a wide range!

9. Living Textiles Cot / Bassinet Sheets
This brand offers a range of stylish cot and bassinet sheets that also feel wonderful against your baby's skin. We all know you'll be changing the sheets frequently, so having a fresh back up set right there is always a big help.

10. Avent 3 in 1 Steam Steriliser
This is one of the best sterilisers on the market, with two separate compartments allowing for quick and easy sterilisation of individual dummies and teats in just six minutes. Plus, it keeps the contents inside the steriliser sterile for 24 hours. 

The content in this blog has been updated 30-March 2020.

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