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  • Love To Swaddle UP 50/50 Cotton Spandex Transition Swaddle

    The genius transition swaddle that helps your baby to gently adjust from being swaddled to the freedom of sleeping with arms free. The 50/50 is the solution which helps your baby gradually and safely transition by simply removing one zip-off wing at a time.Available in Grey & White Stripe & an Aqua and Taupe zig-zag designAvailable in sizes: M (6-8.5kg), L (8.5-11kg) & XL (11-14kg)

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I recommend this product - Rating 5/5
Highly recommend this product. My baby loves the sleeping position, so much that she sleeps through the night. I love that it assists in the transition to a sleeping bag. (Sarah, Canberra, Kambah ACT, October 2014)
I recommend this product - Rating 4/5
I like this swaddle and its idea about wings. It was our second one which I bought for my baby but a bit different design. I wanted it especially because of wings. But I found that it was not comfortable enough particularly for our boy and I would like to share my ideas how to upgrade it. 1)Our baby likes to sleep on his sides with hands brought together and upward, making a shape like the letter Z ;-) Also, sleeping on the back he likes to put his hands on the chest right under the chin. But he couldn’t do any of those freely in this swaddle as the collar is too narrow and back is not wide and stretchy enough. He struggled all night, so the next day I just cut the collar trimming off which helped to make it wide and stretch better. 2)Again as our baby sleeps half or fully on his side, the side seams, even though being cleverly made inside out, are too thick with all this trimming. I would suggest stitching them flat to the swaddle. Thank you anyway for a great product! (Irina, Chinchilla QLD, January 2014)
I recommend this product - Rating 5/5
I love it! So clever how the wings can be removed one at a time for easy transition into a sleeping bag. (Twins and toddler, willoughby east NSW, August 2012)
I recommend this product - Rating 5/5
My daughter has a very strong startle reflex and often woke herself, we love the 'love to swaddle' 50/50. We started with both arms in and have slowly introduced a free arm. She sleeps though the night thanks to ths great swaddle. (ElizasMum, Goodwood SA, May 2012)
I recommend this product - Rating 5/5
I LOVE these - can't recommend them highly enough (Sam, Everton Hills QLD, October 2011)

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